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GoPro Accessories

GoPro Accessories

GoPro has come out with a new and improved action sports digital camera and it's called the HERO 4. As you can see in the video above this new camera is back with avengence and is ready for all the craziest and wildest adventures your willing to take it on. The GoPro HERO camera was first introduced to capture footage of action sports and to see things no one else has ever seen before. For the first time a person who has never surfed before can see what it looks like inside of a barrel. Or you can see a birds eye view of an Indy race car going 200 MPH! The future of sports is without a doubt among us. The levels of progression amongst the sports of today are rising every hour of every day. Surfing alone has progressed so much in the last 5 years that the judging in contests don't know how to judge the tricks surfers can do. All of this progression is due to the media, the ability to go out and perform and then see footage on the big screen and learn how do even better.

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The world of action cameras has become a big business in a relatively short amount of time, and the GoPro brand has become synonymous with the niche market for such devices. In 2013 GoPro shipped nearly 4 million of its GoPro cameras worldwide, and the company's sales hit $986 million, with profits of $60.6 million. There are now many competing devices hitting the market and it shows. GoPro just reported first quarter sales of $236 million, which is down from $255 million in Q1 of 2013. Net profits have also taken a hit, dropping to $11 million, compared to $23 million in Q1 of 2013, so how are GoPro going to continue growing the brand?

GoPro was founded by its current CEO Nicholas Woodman after he needed a find a waterproof camera to take with him while surfboarding, and after coming up with a solution, Woodman started on his journey to becoming one of the most successful technology startup founders in recent history. After using what little cash he and his family had to develop and promote the camera, Woodman struck a deal to partner with Foxconn in 2012, Woodman and GoPro filed for their IPO back in February and the company hasn't looked back since.

There have been three successful GoPro cameras so far, and with the much hyped GoPro Hero 4 due to be released sometime this year, the action camera segment will really heat up. The GoPro Hero 4 will supposedly be powered by a new A9 SoC processor, and will be capable of recording video in 4K at 30fps, while keeping features such as built-in wi-fi. No matter what happens, you will soon be seeing GPRO on your local NASDAQ ticker.

According to USA Today on Monday, the new GoPro 4 Silver revealed footage of it in action. A great feature about this mini-camera is the fact that it's water proof and thus doesn't require any housing like its predecessors.

There's footage of the camera sitting or traveling through wet environments such as walking through an area near a water fall, in a pool, boat trip, bottom of a glass of ice water with lemon, and then even inside the demonstrator's mouth. Such a demonstration looks to make prospective consumers aware of the extent of the kind environment this device can exist.

The Hero 4 Session is priced at $399 and has been touted as the lightest, smallest, and the camera most easily used. It's known to have a learning curve and one may have to rethink their method of attempting to use shots, but it is a lot easier to operate. The typical GoPro camera have hard-to-read menus and are typically easier to use when navigating the menus via a hand held device like Apple or Android. The only thing is, such a utilization requires the camera to be synced to the device. That being said, this can be over tenuous for battery power on the such devices. With the Hero Session 4, the only thing that needs to be done is a button to turn it on and if films. The time-lapse feature requires the holding down of the button long and thus will take pictures of stills.

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It's important to ensure the settings are correct initially as it cannot go into any setup mode once it's turned on. That being said, the user may want to take the time when editing. Also, to get an idea of its resolution, it's considered better than the Hero + and less than the Hero 4 Silver.

With tools like the GoPro HERO 4 camera, there is no telling what the future of sports will look like. We are litterally taking science and mixing it with sports and creating jaw dropping, awe inspiring performances.Whether you are an aspiring film director or an up and coming sponsored athlete, you need to invest in yourself and get this new camera. The GoPro HERO 4 HD Camera is leading the way in how sports are seen on the screen. People are no longer interested in watching exciting sports from a distance, they want to be right in there with the action. Soon all of your favorite football players will have a GoPro camera on their helmet just so you can sit at home at watch as they score the game winning touch down.How awesome would it be to capture yourself doing what you love and then seeing it on a T.V. screen! You could attract the attention of sponsors and investors and even land yourself on the dream team of your life. The GoPro HERO 4 Camera is the answer to all action sports activities and is the only way to get your brand and your footage out for the world to discover.

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